Welcome to Service Sharing Facility’s documentation!


This is still work in progress. For more information and tracking the ongoing development go to http://sourceforge.net/projects/pyssf/

This software package is a collection of modules which can be used stand alone or all together. The tool-suite aims to give you some building blocks to create service offerings for Grids, Clusters, HPC and Clouds.

All Software presented here falls under an Open Source License (LGPL). Although thoroughly tested (100% code/documentation coverage) & worked hard on PEP8, PEP257, pyflakes and pylint compliance (See the reports) we cannot guarantee the absence of bugs - use on your own risk. But we do value your feedback! Feel free to visit the SourceForge page and submit issues, features request, ask for support or leave a friendly note.

This tool-suite contains an OCCI compatible implementation (as WSGI application) and is available on pypi. The support for submitting jobs through DRMAA using an RESTful OCCI compatible interface is currently updated. We are working on service for automatic negotiation of SLAs.


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